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How a Whole House Dehumidifier Can Help Prevent Mold


Mold is a major issue in Florida, especially here in St. Petersburg. It can destroy areas of your home, cause sickness, and lead to an unsafe living environment. It’s a big deal.

The solution? Pulling excess moisture from the air with a whole house dehumidifier in St. Petersburg. You need to bring that humidity down to acceptable levels where mold and mildew won’t have an ideal breeding ground.

Let’s go over why whole house dehumidifiers are important and the benefits they provide.

Keeps Your RH Below 60%

RH stands for relative humidity, and it’s a rating that’s used to determine whether or not mold will grow in a specific area. For mold growth, anything above 60% poses a threat.

However, it’s normally at or above an RH 70% rating that mold really begins to prosper in your home. Keeping your RH below 60% is critical, which your whole house dehumidifier can do.

Your air conditioner also pulls some humidity out of the air, so if you’re wondering why your AC isn’t enough to stave off mold growth, we have some news for you.

Your Air Conditioner Works Harder Without a Whole House Dehumidifier

The warmer the air is when it enters your air conditioner, the harder your AC has to work to cool down your home. Your AC doesn’t bring in air, read its temperature, and then get that specific “batch” of air to a desirable temperature.

It just keeps going, pulling in air, cooling it, and sending it through your ductwork to your vents. It relies on the thermostat to read the temperature and tell it when to stop.

With humid air, your AC cools your house down slower. It helps to remove humidity, but that’s not its main job. It needs help from a dehumidifier.

Remember, It’s a Preventative Measure, Not a Fix for Existing Mold

Removing humidity from the air will not kill existing mold. Mold spores can lay dormant, so they will still be present even when the relative humidity is brought below 60%.

If mold already exists in your home, you need mold removal services. Do not purchase a whole house dehumidifier expecting it to kill existing mold: it is used to prevent more mold from growing.

If you already have a mold problem, you need to remove it before you introduce a dehumidifier, or the problem could continue even when you reduce the humidity levels in your home.

Controlling Humidity Is Easier Than Controlling Mold

Once mold has moved in, there’s an entire process to remove it. Pulling humidity from the air is a preventative measure. It’s easy to do with the right system, and you don’t run into lingering health problems as a result.

It’s not a question of if you need a whole house dehumidifier, it’s a matter of when. Contact us today to learn more and equip your home with the best defense against mold and the problems it presents.

Contact The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. to install a brand new whole house dehumidifier and start feeling the difference as soon as possible.

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