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Heat Pumps in Tampa, FL

When you’re on the market for a new HVAC system, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Perhaps you’ve heard of heat pump systems before, but are unsure whether one is right for you. At The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc, we provide quality heat pumps from leading manufactures, as well as any heat pump service you may need, from installation and replacements, to repairs and maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for a new air conditioning and heating system, or your existing heat pump system isn’t up to the task of keeping you comfortable through another season, we can help. Due to our relatively mild winters, a heat pump installation is an excellent choice for most Tampa, FL homes. Contact us today—We Serve Our Tampa Bay Family with Integrity and Honor, by Providing Expert Service That Surpasses Their Expectations!

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Like any other air conditioning system, heat pumps work according to a refrigerant cycle, not unlike that of your refrigerator and freezer. There are two main unit to each heat pump—an indoor unit which houses the evaporator coil and air handler, and an outdoor unit comprised of the compressor and the condenser coil.

When a heat pump system kicks on, it circulates a refrigerant that transfers thermal energy outside to cool your home during the summer, and draws in thermal energy from the ambient air outside to heat your home during the winter. Heat pumps are fairly simple devices, however they rely on a number of various components, mechanisms, and materials—which all must cooperate.

Heat Pump Installation in Tampa, FL from the Pros

Hiring a highly trained professional to handle your heat pump installation is truly the best way to ensure that the job is done right the first time. One of the most important factors to consider with a job of this type is matching your living space to the heating and cooling capacity of your system.

Without this very important ingredient, you can’t expect your heat pump to function as it should. When you contact our team, you can be confident in the outcome every time. Our heat pump installation process is comprehensive, detail–oriented, and goes beyond what a typical HVAC company might provide. Ask us about our "Sevens Standards"—seven extra steps we take in the installation process that no other HVAC company in our market provides.

Turn to Us for Heat Pump Repairs and Maintenance, Too

If you suspect that your heat pump is no longer functioning as it should, or you notice any signs of trouble like loud noises or high energy bills, then you might want to consider calling in a professional to take a look. At The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc, we provide quality heat pump repair services throughout Tampa, FL and beyond.

In order to fend off the worst of heat pump repair needs, we have a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure that your system gets checked up on a regular basis—twice a year, to be exact. Heat pump maintenance affords you a number of benefits, including longer system life, better heat pump efficiency, and the peace of mind that your system is being checked by the pros on a routine basis. Schedule an appointment with one of our Customer Service Advisors today!

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