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Energy Recovery Ventilators in Tampa, FL

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You shouldn’t have to be frustrated by stale air in your home. But to combat the heat and the humidity, you have to run your air conditioner on a pretty consistent basis, and sometimes that can leave you feeling a little less comfortable than you should. Contact The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. to learn how an energy recovery ventilator can help, and we’ll provide:

  • A Job Done Right the First Time

  • Quality Products and Services Backed by our Risk-Free Guarantee

  • Outstanding Customer Service No Matter What

Opening a window or door on a 90°F day in the Tampa area is not an economical choice when it comes to your energy bills. With the installation and professional servicing of an energy recovery ventilator, there’s no need to worry! 

Reach out to us today for your energy recovery ventilator services. We serve with integrity and honor to provide expert service that surpasses your expectations!


How Does An ERV System Work?

An energy recovery ventilator operates on a fairly simple principle. It uses the cooling of your stale air to pre–condition incoming fresh air. Typically, when your indoor air is exhausted outside, the incoming air is quite hot, which means that your air conditioner has to work extra hard to bring it down to your desired temperatures.

This is what makes opening a window during the summer so ineffective and costly. An ERV system automatically brings in fresh air and exchanges it with your stale air, to give your Tampa, FL home fresh air without high energy bills.

The Importance of Good Ventilation

Whether you live right here in Tampa, FL or anywhere in Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough County, if your home is modern then it was designed in such a way to help your HVAC systems work more efficiently, with tight construction. Unfortunately though, this makes your home lack in ventilation.

Reduced ventilation can pose both comfort and health problems. A professionally installed and serviced energy recovery ventilator enables you to have a well–ventilated home without the risk of rising energy costs. This mechanical ventilation device essentially recoups energy that would otherwise have been wasted.

Contact Your Energy Recovery Experts in Tampa, FL

It is both our job and our pleasure to ensure that you have excellent air quality throughout your household, while also helping you save on energy expenses. Give our professionally trained and highly experienced Technicians a call to schedule ERV installation, repair, or maintenance. We offer you the guarantee that if you aren’t satisfied with your equipment within 12 months, we will buy it back.

You can depend on us for your comfort, and to treat you like you’re family. In addition to superior cooling and heating services throughout the Tampa Bay area, we are proud to meet the need for fairly priced indoor air quality services too. After all, our vision is to "Serve Our Tampa Bay Family with Integrity and Honor, by Providing Expert Service That Surpasses Their Expectations!" We look forward to hearing from you about how we can best help you efficiently run your home, with the right energy recovery ventilator and whatever other indoor air quality products may benefit you!

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