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Claire Williams's Profile Image
Claire Williams, Last month

I would like to thank the AC Guy of Tampa Bay from Antonio to Austin and his team for the great work they did for me. Everyone was very competent at their job, all very caring and so polite. It was a pleasure doing business with all of you. Thank you again and to the pleasure of seeing you for taking care of my new ac.

Kimberly Dunlap's Profile Image
Kimberly Dunlap, Last month

Installed a new a/c capacitor since ours was failing. (preventative maintenance)

Andrea Pargas's Profile Image
Andrea Pargas, Last month

Excellent service, very professional. Have been a satisfied client for a long time.

George Armenia's Profile Image
George Armenia, Last month

thank you for your service very much appreciated.

Robin Quigg's Profile Image
Robin Quigg, Last month

Ben was honest. You can trust him, and he is my only experience thus far with the company. Trust is Good!

Kristin Baird's Profile Image
Kristin Baird, Last month

These guys are the BEST. Always on time if not early. We had a full install a couple months ago that has been working really well. We have them out for free every so often as part of our maintenance package, and we had noticed a minor whining noise happening when our system was running. Mentioned it to our tech Ben today, and he literally took the whole thing apart (efficiently and quickly!) and found a sticker that was deep inside likely causing the noise. Pulled it out and it's so much better!! You don't notice how irritating a little noise like that can be until it's finally gone. Thank you Ben!!

Bill Batchelor's Profile Image
Bill Batchelor, Last month

Very responsive and professional organization. Arrived on site one hour after calling for service. Delivered portable (temporary) AC unit the next morning. New Condenser and Coil to be installed Monday

Patricia Miscikowski's Profile Image
Patricia Miscikowski, Last month

We will finish rating once entire system is installed. So far they have been outstanding

Cathy Walsh's Profile Image
Cathy Walsh, Last month

We knew it was time to replace our 19 year old A/C unit, but the A/C Guys still offered some repair options. After deciding on a new unit, they were here for the install within 2 days. Super friendly & professional! At the end of the install, one of the techs heard my son talking about the garbage man not picking up our palm clippings that morning. He loaded them into his truck to dispose of for us!! That is definitely the definition of "above & beyond"! Highly recommend!!!

Ron Keough's Profile Image
Ron Keough, Last month

They replaced an aging hvac system with a new one. The installation was flawless and it performs perfectly. They have also been back to perform routine maintenance and they are always on time and do a great job. Everyone from this company who has been to our house has been personable and knowledgeable and has done a great job. Very happy with this company.

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