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Palm Harbor, FL Air Conditioning and Heating Services

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How much do you depend on your HVAC system in your home? Considering how hot and humid it can get in Palm Harbor, FL, we’ll guess the answer is "a lot." We have served the area for a decade and understand what kind of stress an air conditioning system undergoes in this climate-and we’re prepared to meet those challenges, so all our clients enjoy great comfort and peace of mind. The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. has never been just about making money-we aim to provide excellent customer service and treat our clients like part of our family.

Serving our Palm Harbor and Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor. Contact us today!

Palm Harbor Air Conditioning, FL

When the heat and humidity ramp up during summer, do you have confidence your air conditioning system can handle it? If you have doubts, call on The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. We have a team of NATE-certified technicians who will treat you like family, getting the job done to surpass your expectations. We’re bonded and insured, and we deliver all the AC services you might need: installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacements.

Call today to arrange for the best in high quality and fairly priced cooling services in the Palm Harbor, FL area. 

Palm Harbor, FL AC Installation

We take great pride in providing a level of air conditioning installation service a few steps above what other contractors in Palm Harbor, FL offer. Our "Seven Installation Standards" give you a quality installation with steps than most contractors have stopped doing long ago. We install surge protectors, a compressor start assist, and more as part of seven installation standards. You can also count on us to provide a wide variety of cooling systems to meet your needs.

Palm Harbor, FL AC Repair

When your cooling system is in danger, trust The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. in the Palm Harbor area to come to your rescue. Each of our technicians is trained and certified to see that you have the best possible work and friendly customer service. This is our pledge to you and all the customers in our family. We also provide a maintenance program to help see that your air conditioning system (and your heating system) works at highest energy efficiency and with few repair needs over the years.

Heating Services in Palm Harbor, FL

"Do I really need professional heating assistance in a place like Palm Harbor?" This may seem hard to imagine during a sunny summer day, but we have gloomy and cold rainy days as well, which is when you’ll be glad your heater is able to work its best. Our technicians know how to provide heating with furnaces and heat pumps so that homes enjoy comfort without excess energy waste. They’re also ready with repairs and maintenance-whatever you need for home comfort!

Palm Harbor, FL Indoor Air Quality Services

It’s an unfortunate fact about modern homes-making them energy efficient also causes a drop in indoor air quality because so many contaminants are trapped inside. A Florida home can often have poor air quality, but The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. has the best solutions for how to improve IAQ without harming energy efficiency. We install air filters, air purifiers, UV germicidal lights, energy and heat recovery ventilators, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and more. We’ll also take care of the ducts in your ventilation system.