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Air Conditioning in Tampa, FL

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Could you imagine trying to comfortably get through a stifling Florida summer without a fully effective and efficient air conditioning system? Hopefully, this is never your reality, and if ever you’re in need of quality AC services, you keep our number on hand. At The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc., we:

  • Are a Trusted Local Company in Tampa

  • Are Family-Owned and Operated

  • Offer a No-Risk Guarantee

You can rely on our qualified technicians to solve any air conditioning challenge that comes your way. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our AC services below!

Contact our Tampa team when you need quality air conditioning. We “Serve Our Tampa Bay Family with Integrity and Honor, by Providing Expert Service that Surpasses Their Expectations.”


Air Conditioning Installation

We offer a complete range of service for keeping homes cool here in the Tampa Bay area:

When it comes to air conditioning installation, you’ll find that we do a thorough job so that your new cooling system will last you for many years with few problems. A detailed installation from our professionals results in an AC that operates at great efficiency and does the exact cooling you need from it.

Air Conditioning Replacement

When you need a new air conditioning system, leave the hard work to us. We can help you make the initial decision of whether a replacement is needed or if repairs will help. If you need a replacement, we can get a new AC in place fast so you can go back to enjoying a relaxing home environment. We can also provide you with alternatives to the standard central air conditioning system, such as a heat pump (which is like an AC except it can also work as a heater) or a ductless mini split (perfect for energy efficiency and saving space). 

Air Conditioning Repair

When the heat is intense and your air conditioner isn’t getting enough cool air to you—or maybe isn’t working at all—you’ll want the best help on its way to your house to fix it. Our technicians are skilled problem-solvers. They won’t just give your AC a quick patch-up job: they’ll solve the problem at its core so you can trust that your air conditioner will continue to work. Call us as soon as you notice anything wrong so we can rescue your AC.  

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Would you like to avoid as many repair calls as you can? Of course you do! All it takes is to arrange for regular air conditioning maintenance with our team. An annual spring visit from our technicians to tune-up and inspect your AC will not only lower the chance of repairs in the future, it will extend the equipment’s lifespan, prevent a decline in energy efficiency, improve cooling capacity, and keep the manufacture’s warranty valid. Join our VIP Club to schedule maintenance in Tampa, FL from The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc..

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does an AC Repair Cost in Tampa?

The answer to this question is, "It depends." It will depend on the severity of the repair need, the type of air conditioner you hav, and the amount of labor needed for the repair. 

For instance, replacing a small component in a window unit is going to cost significantly less than replacing the compressor in a central AC system, as the compressor is the most expensive component in a central AC. You can likely expect to pay no less than $100 to around $1,000 depending on the repair. 

How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioner Serviced? 

You should have your air conditioner professionally maintained once a year. This should be increased to twice a year if you’re using a heat pump system, which both cools and heats the home. 

Getting an AC tune-up this often will help you avoid up to 85% of the repair needs your system might ever require, boost the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioner, and help it work more reliably throughout its lifespan. Ask about our VIP Club Membership--our maintenance program that affords members a number of great perks! 

How Long Does an AC System Last in Tampa? 

When properly maintained, you can expect your Tampa air conditioner to last about 10-15 years. Keep in mind that we experience a lot of humidity. Air conditioners are not designed to dehumidify your home, though they do have some dehumidification properties. 

Installing a dehumidifier in your home is one way to help your air conditioner work more efficiently, and it may not succumb to wear and tear as quickly. This means you improve the chances of your air conditioner making it to that 15-year mark. Contact our team for more great tips on how to improve AC longevity! 

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