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7 Installation Standards

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At The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc., we believe in treating our customers like family. And our family deserves to be as comfortable as possible in their Tampa area homes. This is why we provide and live up to our 7 standards for equipment installation. 

  1. Vibration Isolator Pads on Applicable Condensors and AHU’s

  2. Corrosion Inhibitors for Condensors

  3. Surge Protection

  4. Compressor Start Assist and Pan Saver

  5. Flushed Nitrogen Lines

  6. Duct Seal

  7. System Commissioning 

We serve Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties, and our customers rely on us to be trustworthy and timely. 

Contact us today to learn more about our 7 Installation Standards. “Serving our Tampa Bay Family with Integrity and Honor by Providing Expert Service That Surpasses Their Expectations.”


1. All condensers and AHU’s where applicable are on vibration isolator pads: This ensures the units are not making direct contact with the pads they are sitting on. This allows proper drainage of moisture away from the units and air to flow under units to ensure units stay dry and do not promote corrosion. This means longer system life!!

Value: $45

2. Corrosion Grenade corrosion inhibitor on condenser: This serves as a sacrificial technology to prevent the corrosion of the surrounding metals and components. This technology has been used for years in all facets of commercial and industrial systems particularly water heaters but allows your system to resist corrosion better and in a salt rich environment that can really add years to its life!

Value: $120

3. Surge Protectors: We live in the lightning capitol of the world and surges happen every day. They consistently damage and shorten the life of AC components and systems. Adding surge protectors to both the inside and outside components of your system helps protect your system from these damaging effects and can extend its life by years!

Value: $390

4. Compressor Start Assist to take strain off the system and a Pan Saver to help prevent drainline backups: This item was once standard on every A/C system manufactured but as manufacturers continued to look for ways to reduce costs they were pretty much removed from most products on the market except as an optional accessory. The thing about them is that they reduce the starting load on the compressor by as much as 50%. That leads to significantly less wear and tear on the compressor and dramatically improved system life. The cost savings of not having this on your system is meaningless if it can mean years of more life!

Value: $270

5. Nitrogen purged lines and Flushed with Solvent: Another largely overlooked but hugely important item to the lifespan of your system. More than 90% of our competitors do not take this critical step in the installation process. Failure to do this essentially leads to leaving a sandy residue like sand paper floating inside your system which will wear out your system from the inside out. It doesn’t cause any issues upfront but 5 to 10 years down the road it can causes huge issues leading to component and system failures!

Value: $300

6. Duct Seal: This item was incorporated into the 2010 building code and then removed after a year as being too hard to incorporate. What? This is a very important step as it helps ensure you are not losing air out of leaky ductwork into the attic. We take the time to inspect all accessible ductwork and ensure all joints and seams are sealed with mastic and that the boots are sealed to the ceiling. This has huge implications for energy costs as it is estimated that as much as 50% of American homes are suffering from duct losses of 25% or more. That’s a lot of wasted energy!

Value: $300-$675

7. System Commissioning: This item is not part of code but is in the QI and Energy Star standards for new construction. Why not for a replacement? This is a systematic detailed setup of the system airflow and refrigerant on your system. All readings are measured and documented. Again more than 90% of our competitors are not taking the time to do this but carrying it out ensures your system is properly set up and you can expect years of reliable operation and reduced system failures!

Value: $225

Serving Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties