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Central Air Conditioners in Tampa, FL

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Why keep struggling with a window AC unit when you can have the power and reach that a central AC system can provide? The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. is your local contractor, serving the Tampa, FL area and beyond. 

  • Our techs are the best in the area and serve with integrity. 

  • We offer a Rent-to-Own program to help you finance your new air conditioner. 

  • We provide a no-risk guarantee on our work!

Our goal on every job is to exceed our customers’ expectations with our expert service. 

Contact our team today for central air conditioner services. We serve our Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor! 


Central AC Installation

People often take central air conditioning for granted in Florida, but these are complex devices. When you need to have a new central AC installed in your house, either as the home’s first central air conditioner or as a replacement system, you must hire professionals for the work. Even the process of selecting a new central AC is something to leave to the pros: getting an air conditioner that’s either underpowered or overpowered is a costly mistake, and it’s one we’ve seen amateurs do too often. 

When you put your trust in our technicians, you won’t have to worry about any stage of the central AC installation or replacement. We guarantee your satisfaction with the final results: we offer a full refund if you aren’t happy within 12 months of your installation appointment. Doing great work is a point of pride with us.

Central AC Repair

The complexity of central air conditioning systems also means they need professionals to handle repairs when they malfunction. Don’t let amateurs tamper with your malfunctioning AC: they’ll either make the problem worse or leave you with a crude patch-up job that won’t hold. When you call on The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. to fix your central AC, we’ll get the job done quickly but thoroughly. We want your central air conditioning system to continue to serve you for long after we’ve left your house.

Central AC Maintenance

We care about your family’s comfort and happiness, which is why we encourage you to sign up for annual maintenance for your central air conditioning system. Maintenance isn’t a luxury service. It’s necessary if you want your central AC to run reliably, efficiently, and for as long as possible. Missing maintenance means more repairs, poorer cooling power, and a system that needs a replacement many years too early.

At The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc., we make maintenance easy with our VIP Club. As a member, you’ll receive a complete spring maintenance cleaning for your AC each year and a tune-up six months later. You’ll also enjoy special membership benefits like discounts and priority scheduling. Call us in Tampa, FL today to find out more about the VIP Club and to enroll.

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