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Air Conditioning Installation in Tampa, FL

Whether you’re having a whole-house cooling system installed in a brand new home, or you’re replacing your aging air conditioner, you want to ensure that it’s done correctly. You want to know that your new AC system will work as it should for years to come, and that it will cost you as little as possible to operate. It needs to be appropriately sized, and be efficient enough for your needs.

And of course, it must be professionally installed. To ensure this is the case, contact The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. We’re known for completing the prettiest, cleanest, most professionally done AC system installs throughout Tampa, FL and the surrounding area.

To schedule your Tampa, FL AC installation, contact our team today!

Selecting the Right AC System for Installation in Your Home

The first step in having an air conditioner installed is choosing the right one for your home. It must be properly sized for the unique needs of your household from day one—and then installed in such a way that it will run without problems all summer long and beyond, given how long it stays warm in Tampa, FL.

Our team performs a complete load calculation to ensure that your installation is just right, and once we know exactly how much space needs to be cooled—in addition to other factors like what type of insulation you have—we can recommend a system to fit that space while keeping your budget in mind. Plus, to give you a peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice, we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 12 months of your AC installation in Tampa, FL!

We Follow the "Sevens" Standards for Air Conditioning Installations

What’s this? Well, in biblical history, seven is the number of perfection and completeness. So, we’ve created seven AC installation standards, or 7 extra steps we take when performing all AC installations that other contractors do not. Our "Seven Installation Standards" include:

  1. When applicable, all condensers and AHU’s are on vibration isolator pads.
  2. A corrosion inhibitor installed on your air conditioner’s condenser.
  3. Surge protection.
  4. A Compressor Start Assist to take strain off the system and a Pan Saver to help prevent drainline backups.
  5. AC lines are flushed with nitrogen and solvent to prevent residue.
  6. Duct sealing to prevent wasted energy.
  7. System commissioning as part of the Energy Star standards for new construction.

We live by our vision statement of serving our Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor, by providing expert service that surpasses expectations. We look forward to showing you what we can do for you.

Why Is Professional AC Installation in Tampa So Important?

By determining cooling loads, as we mentioned above, our highly trained HVAC Technicians will be able to provide you with an AC system that will give you optimal performance for your home in Tampa, FL. Our experts have years of training and experience behind them, giving them the ability to safely and reliably install the right air conditioner for your needs. Plus, if you’re aren’t satisfied with your new system, we have a 12 months "Buy it Back" guarantee and will buy your system back from you! Contact us today if you need:

We also have the know–how necessary to setup and properly maintain your air conditioner to ensure it has the longest lifespan possible, high–efficiency, and comfort for years to come. And just as important as professional installation is proper AC repairs—be sure to hire a certified and trained professional for all of your HVAC needs—contact The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc today!

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