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Carol Kelleher's Profile Image
Carol Kelleher, Last month

Great customer service, great response time, great experience overall. Can't say it was affordable, because nothing about AC work in Florida, in the middle of summer is affordable.
But definitely fair priced comparison to others. They replaced a bad duct in less than 40 minutes, in the early am. So very thankful for them. Most definitely recommend them for all of your AC needs.

Carley Hernandez's Profile Image
Carley Hernandez, Last month

Antonio is great. Always courteous and professional. Takes his time to explain everything he has done and how best to maintain our system.

Gail Friedman's Profile Image
Gail Friedman, Last month

This company is the best!! They came out for my A/C right away when I had problems. I live in Florida and we melt without A/C in our home! Their techs are all excellent but special shout-out to Austin, who diligently checked our entire system to find the problem and worked with a great attitude and a smile on his face.
I highly recommend them.

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John Asumendi, Last month
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matt welsh, Last month
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kelly impson, Last month
R K's Profile Image
R K, Last month

Great job Danny,from oldsmar tobacco shop

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Connie Santomaso, Last month
Tonda Powell's Profile Image
Tonda Powell, Last month

We have been having drain issues with the ac for quite awhile. Previous ac techs told us to pour vinegar to keep the drain clear. I have poured vinegar relentlessly to no end. Antonio installed a pump and replaced some pvc for better flow and forced drainage. Thank you Antonio! My new ac company for all our vacation rentals!

Elaine Martin's Profile Image
Elaine Martin, This year

He did a great job and fixed our AC and was prompt, friendly. We would recommend your business to our friends.

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