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Dealing With Allergy Season in Your Home


What does allergy season mean? You’ve probably experienced what it feels like—sneezing, congestion, eye and nose irritation. But why does it happen when it does? The reason is that as the weather begins warming up in spring, it increases the bloom of several plants that send pollen into the air, most notably ragweed. Allergy season can be extremely serious in Florida, and it often strikes early because our winter season is short. 

What are the best ways to deal with allergy season in your home? Believe it or not, your local HVAC pros here at the A/C Guy of Tampa Bay have ways to ease your allergy season burdens. We’ll get into more details below.

Allergy Season Basics

Before explaining what we can do to improve conditions in your home during allergy season, let’s go over a few other basic steps to take. These are especially important if you have allergy-sensitive and/or asthmatic people in your home.

  • Keep indoors on dry and windy days, when pollen is spready the fastest.
  • Take special allergy medication when pollen levels are high. You can easily track pollen levels through several local services. There are both over-the-counter and prescription medications for allergies—ask your doctor about the best ones for you.
  • Keep your home as clean as possible and regularly clean with a vacuum that uses a HEPA filter. (Other vacuums may end up spreading allergens further.)
  • Always see your doctor if allergic reactions become too intense.

How We Can Help

We offer several indoor air quality services that can reduce allergens and other pollutants in your home’s air. If you don’t have any special types of air quality devices in your house, ask us for recommendations for installations that will help the most.

  • Air filters: You have an air filter for your current HVAC system, but this filter doesn’t do much good for improving air quality. To catch the pollen and dander that trigger most allergies, you’ll need to have special air quality air filters installed into the ductwork. We can help find the right strength of filter to do the job you need.
  • Air purifiers: Adding an air purifier in Clearwater, FL to your filters provides extra power to combat allergens, such as the ones that may slip through filters. Air purifiers will also combat bacteria and mold, which are major sources of illness during allergy season.
  • Humidifier: If you’ve ever wondered if a humidifier could come in handy in Florida, the answer is yes. Dry conditions contribute to more particulate matter in the air of your house. You may need a humidifier to properly balance humidity levels during allergy season for healthier conditions. 

Get the Indoor Air Quality Help You Need

We have many years of experience working with the climate in Tampa Bay, so you can trust that we understand the best ways to improve your home’s air quality. Whether you want to beat allergy season or you simply want fresher, healthier air and a better odor to your house, we have the answers.

The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. serves our Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor. Contact us for great indoor air quality solutions!

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