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Why We Recommend Annual Furnace Tune-Ups


Some homeowners go years in between furnace service, and those service calls end up being about serious repairs. Tune-ups, or annual maintenance, greatly reduces the need for furnace repair in Tampa, FL for a few different reasons.

Let’s make this clear: even a well-maintained furnace will still need repairs throughout its life, but far fewer than a neglected furnace ever will. These are the main reasons we recommend furnace tune-ups throughout the year.

Reduce Annual Energy Costs

Your furnace gradually loses efficiency as time goes on (just as everything in your home does). Throughout the year, wear and tear takes its toll, and a tune-up helps restore as much efficiency as possible.

Furnace technicians identify when certain aspects of your furnace are underperforming in contrast with the rest of the system. Remember that tune-ups serve as a point of inspection, so they can identify non-obvious problems and catch them early.

Pay attention to your energy bills. If you’re fairly consistent with the temperature you set your furnace to, your bills will have some predictability to them. Following a furnace tune-up, you’ll be able to notice a reduction in your energy bills.

Prevent Breakdowns in the Future

The biggest reason to get furnace tune-ups is to prevent full-scale breakdowns. Furnace repairs are more expensive than preventative maintenance. While you can’t deter every repair, you can certainly reduce the total number of repairs and breakdowns your system will have across its lifetime.

Think about everything you could do with the money saved from even just one furnace repair. Maintenance is inexpensive by comparison, and also helps you save continuous money on your heating bills. There’s no reason not to schedule maintenance.

Help Your Furnace Last Longer and Avoid Expensive Replacements

Your furnace isn’t going to last forever, but it can last longer than average if you maintain it properly over the course of its life.

Furnaces can last from 15–20 years if they’re taken care of, or they could need to be replaced in as few as 8–10 years if you aren’t careful.

Furnace replacements aren’t cheap. Maintenance can save you the cost of anywhere from one to three furnace replacements over the next 60 years.

Ensure There Are No Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Your family’s safety is everything. Unfortunately, furnaces produce carbon monoxide, which is normally funneled outside and sent off into the air.

If your furnace encounters a problem that you’re unaware of due to a lack of maintenance and inspection, it can leak carbon monoxide into your home. Carbon monoxide is deadly and should be taken seriously.

Your furnace technician will be able to find out whether the heat exchanger is leaking or not and devise a course of action moving forward.

The Takeaway: Tune-Ups Save You Money

You save money on energy prices throughout the year, reduce the number of repairs your furnace will need throughout its lifetime, and ensure your family’s safety at the same time. Furnace tune-ups should be part of your annual home maintenance without question.

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