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Most Common Air Conditioner Repairs


Air conditioning is fantastic, comforting, and wonderful … until it fails. It’s like when your internet goes out. You didn’t know how good you had it until it was gone.

When you need AC repair in Tampa all of a sudden, it can throw you for a loop. Let’s help you get prepared by showing you some of the most common AC repairs so you know what’s happening to your unit, and you’ll have a vague estimate of how intense the repair process will be.

Refrigerant Leaks

Air conditioners work on a closed loop system, which means the refrigerant inside isn’t given the chance to leave its loop. It continues to circulate inside of the air conditioner and continuously cools the air. Leaks can cause big problems for your air conditioner. You should never have to “top off” your coolant in a closed loop system; it should remain at the level it was when the loop was initially closed.

Blockages or Bad Draining

Condensation runs through a drainage line on the outside of your AC cabinet. This drainage is crucial to the operation of your air conditioner since it allows condensation to leave the system.

The drainage line can become blocked. Air blows dust, dirt, and debris into the opening on the outside of your cabinet, but mold and mildew can also grow inside of the tube and create a blockage that way.

You can try to remove this clog on your own since it’s a straightforward process, but if you’re unfamiliar with this task, it’s best to have a professional handle it for you.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

While this is on the more common side, it’s terrible for your system. When your evaporator coil freezes, the blower fan has a hard time pulling in air (remember: this is a forced air system). From there, your compressor freaks out and overheats, then your AC continues to run because it can’t cool the home due to the frozen evaporator coil.

It all sounds like a lot, because it is. This is a domino effect that can inflict serious long-term damage to your air conditioner if left unchecked.

Dusty Air Filters

Yes, changing the air filters counts as a repair (in a sense). Airflow is critical for your air conditioner. A thick, clogged air filter will cause unnecessary strain on your air conditioner. This is something simple that any homeowner can replace on their own to keep their system running efficiently.

Thermostat Miscalibration

Your thermostat reads the temperature of the room, then communicates it with the air conditioner to either turn it on, or keep it off depending on your settings. If your thermostat is miscalibrated, it’s reading the temperature incorrectly and providing the wrong information to the air conditioner. This often gives the appearance that something is deeply wrong with the AC itself even though it’s okay.

Keep Your AC in Top Shape

Your air conditioner will run into a slew of small problems throughout its life cycle. Make sure these are handled as quickly as possible to avoid bigger (more expensive) system breakdowns, and keep your air conditioner in top form all year long.

Contact The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. today to schedule air conditioner repair as soon as possible before your system suffers any longer.

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