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Winter Is a Great Time for a New AC


Winter in Tampa Bay doesn’t so much mean turning up our heaters as it does turning off the ACs. Yes, you’ll need a central heating system working at times, and heat waves can always swing through and force your air conditioning system back into action. But during most of this month and the next two, you won’t have to depend on your heating and cooling system too often.

This lull in the weather extremes makes winter an ideal time for an AC system installation in Tampa, FL. Summer heat may feel distant, but it can arrive faster, and sudden heat waves are simply a way of life. With our technicians less busy handling air conditioning repair emergencies, they’re available to help you find the best new air conditioner and have it installed at a convenient time. You’ll be ready for the next hot day.

How Do I Know It’s Time to Get a New AC?

First, find out how old your current air conditioner is, if you don’t already know. The manufacturer’s date is located on a plate on the back of the condenser. If the AC is more than 15 years old, we recommend replacing it, even if it’s still working adequately. Once an AC is over 15 years old, it’s at a greater danger of declining and abrupt failure.

For an AC that’s over 10 years old, it’s more of a gray area. Put greater weight on other signs the AC is starting to fail:

  • Electrical bills are getting higher without any obvious source.
  • The air conditioner needs repairs more than once a year.
  • Any repair costs more than 50% of the price of a replacement system.
  • The AC can no longer keep up with comfort demands.

The Bright, Shiny New AC Options

You may want to replace your 10-year or older AC simply because you want a better system with more features. Nothing wrong with that. Advances in comfort technology make it easy to get an air conditioner that can save money through improved efficiency and deliver better comfort. Ask about multi-stage compressors, scroll compressors, and variable speed fans as features for your AC. You can also install an AC with built-in dehumidification.

The Heat Pump—for When the Furnace Should Go As Well

Is your electric furnace about the same age as the air conditioner, or is it also in poor condition? You can save money and time by having them both replaced with a single installation: a heat pump. Heat pumps are popular in Tampa Bay because they work as powerful air conditioners but also operate as energy-efficient electric heaters. This can lead to significant savings compared to an electric furnace. We strongly recommend homes that use an electric furnace to consider replacing their AC and furnace for a heat pump.

Call the Local Professionals

Have any questions about getting a new AC? We’ll answer all of them and help you find the best replacement if that’s your best choice. We offer high-quality, fair-priced comfort solutions.

Serving Our Tampa Bay Family with Integrity and Honor! Call The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. to request an estimate.

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