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Why Regular AC Service Is Critical for Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner has a level of filtration built into it. That helps pull dust and debris out of the air before it goes into the inner workings of your AC, and then back through your vents into the air you breathe. Many homeowners don’t realize how closely related regular AC service is with their indoor air quality.

When you get annual AC service in St. Petersburg FL, you get a tune-up for your air conditioner that helps your indoor air quality at the same time. This is what it does for your home…

Maintains Your AC’s Filtration Capabilities

Your air conditioner pulls in air through a filter, and by doing that, gets all the dust, debris, and dander stuck in the fibers of that filter. When your air conditioner doesn’t receive regular service, it becomes less efficient at pulling air into its system.

Your AC uses a fan to pull air in, but when that fan doesn’t receive proper cleaning and attention, it doesn’t work as well as it’s supposed to. While it’s not an issue you can fix on your own halfway through the year, your annual AC service should take care of it.

Reduces the Chance of Mold and Mildew Growth

Your home has a relative humidity rating, or RH. This is gauged by the percentage of humidity in your air. Here in Florida, humidity is a huge concern for just about every homeowner.

If your RH level is too high, mold begins to grow around your home. Especially in dark spaces. Your first thought might be something along the lines of “I know that won’t happen in my home,” but humidity doesn’t have to be as high as you think for mold to start growing.

While annual mold inspections might not be within your scope, you can prevent most mold from growing in the first place by maintaining your air conditioner. It not only pulls debris out of the air, but moisture as well.

Additionally, you can couple an air conditioner with a dehumidifier to compound the effects. It all depends on what you need in your home. You can find cheap humidity monitors so you can take a better look at your indoor humidity levels before committing to a dehumidifier.

Make Sure You Change Your Air Filters

One thing that’s covered in annual maintenance visits is replacing the air filter. However, it shouldn’t be restricted to only one air filter replacement per year. Most air filters need to be changed every 30 to 90 days depending on the type of filter and how much usage your AC gets. Be sure to change your own air filters and stay on top of it.

Ready for AC Service?

Now that you know everything that happens to your AC that directly affects the air you breathe, you’re left with a choice: you can keep things the same, or you can improve your indoor air quality. Schedule annual maintenance services today (and grab a six-pack of air filters while you’re at it).

Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning service today.

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