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The Benefits of a Central Air Conditioner


Electro-mechanical air conditioning was invented at the start of the 20th century, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that it entered homes in a big way because of the availability of window AC units. Even today, many homes still use window units to provide cooling in their home. But central air conditioning systems are a better option, for a variety of reasons.

Below we’ve listed the major benefits of using central air conditioning in Tampa, FL rather than window units for a house.

Better indoor air quality

A window air conditioner simply circulates the air within a room as it cools it down. The front grill of the AC pulls in the air with a fan, draws it over an evaporator coil, then sends it back into the room, cooled down. A central air conditioner, on the other hand, is a full ventilation system circulating air throughout the house. The air drawn through the return air vents is blown into a network of ducts distributing it around the house, creating complete air circulation that makes for healthier air. It’s easy to have air filtration systems installed into the ductwork to create even better air quality; the basic filter on a window AC doesn’t help much at all.

Reduced noise pollution

A window AC adds plenty of extra noise into a room because the compressor and fan are housed in the unit. With a central air conditioner, the compressor is housed in a separate condenser cabinet located outside. The only noise the system will send into the house is from the blower fan, and there’s only a single fan that’s located in the indoor cabinet—usually in the garage or attic.


To enjoy cooling all around a house with window ACs requires putting these ACs into almost every room. None of these units are connected to each other and each has to be turned on separately to allow for cooling. A central air conditioner makes it easy to turn cooling on for the entire house on and off with only a few adjustments to a thermostat. A zone control system even allows for the thermostat to control which rooms receive cooling.

Less conspicuous, more attractive

Face it: window AC units aren’t nice to look at, either from inside or outside the house. They block up windows and protrude into rooms. A central air conditioning system remains mostly hidden from sight, whether you’re inside your home or outside it.

Better cooling

A central air conditioner can just do its job better and for less energy. A single window AC may be able to cool down a small to mid-sized room, but it won’t do much good for a dining room or a living room—not unless there are multiple units installed.


Window ACs are weak points in a home’s security, offering burglars an easy place where they can get into the building.

You may think it’s too difficult to convert your home to central air conditioning. We’d love to show you differently with the multiple options available for cooling.

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