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Need Help Overcoming Humidity? We’ve Got Some Tips


Humidity, right? I mean, what else can you say? It’s awful during the Florida summers, and this is a summer when we’re spending more time in our homes than usual. An air conditioning system can only do so much against the way humidity increases how hot we feel inside our homes, and running the AC as much as possible translates to even steeper bills over the season.

There’s help, however. You can lower the humidity in your home in a number of ways, from simple steps to indoor air quality installations in Dunedin, FL.

Install a Whole-House Dehumidifier

This is the best all-around method for getting control over high indoor humidity. A plug-in room dehumidifier is not much of a solution, and many of these portable dehumidifiers are potential fire hazards. What you need for precise control over household humidity is the assistance of our IAQ technicians to install a whole-house dehumidifier into the HVAC system. Through a humidistat, you can see the humidity levels in the home and adjust them to a balanced level (we recommend 45%). We’re glad to equip your house with the dehumidifier that will do the job you need.

Take Shorter and Colder Showers

Showering puts more humidity into the air. It’s always a smart idea to keep your showers short as a way to save water and lower water heater costs. But during the summer it’s even smarter because it lowers extra indoor humidity. We also recommend you take colder showers (not necessarily cold, but not as hot) since this lowers the amount of steam the shower creates.

Run the Exhaust Fans in the Bathrooms and Kitchen

After showering or bathing in the bathroom or cooking in the kitchen, let the exhaust fans run for longer than normal. The fans remove moisture from these spaces, which is not only better for household comfort, it also prevents mold and mildew growth.

Open Windows When Possible to Air Out the House

Yes, if it’s roasting hot outside, you aren’t going to want to open the windows. But getting a cross-breeze through your house helps remove built-up humid air. Just make sure you turn off the AC first, since you don’t want its energy going to waste when the house is open.

Put Your Fans to Work

Do you have ceiling fans? Make sure they’re running. Fans help lower the effect of humidity because they remove the heat envelope from around your body. Fans also help create breezes that spread out the humid air so it isn’t so concentrated.

Change the AC Air Filter Regularly

You must have quality ventilation in your house if you hope to deal with humidity. Air must be able to circulate effectively through the HVAC system. If the air filter in your AC has been in place for a few months, it will be clogged and cause airflow to drop. We recommend monthly filter changes in times when humidity is high. A clogged filter is also a prime spot where mold and mildew can start growing, which will cause unpleasant odors in the house and even health concerns.

The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. serves our Tampa Bay Family with integrity and honor. Schedule service for your air conditioner or to install a whole-house dehumidifier.

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