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Common Problems with Florida Heaters

took-box-and-toolsUnfortunately, air conditioning troubles are a part of life for many local residents—especially if your air conditioner is older than 10 years. We use our AC systems a lot in Florida, so breakdowns, while an annoyance, do not come as any particular surprise.

Your heater, on the other hand, probably does not see a lot of use over the years. That’s why it can be so surprising—even confusing—when a problem comes up with your heater. Despite the amount of use they get, however, our technicians will repair quite a few heaters this season. Find out what happens to Florida heating systems in today’s guide.

Fan Motor Troubles

One of the most common issues to come up during the short period of time homeowners in Tampa use their furnaces is a broken fan motor. That’s because the same blower fan used to move heat into the home is used for air conditioning! Your blower fan gets year-round use, so it’s no wonder wear and tear can take a toll.

With proper annual maintenance, you may be able to catch issues with a blower fan early. When a blower motor or fan is not working properly, however, you’re likely to notice symptoms such as slow performance, a squeaking or screeching noise from the system, or a completely broken unit.

Broken Heating Element

Electric furnaces use heating elements that heat up via electric resistance. This allows heat to generate quickly and spread evenly. However, all of that heat energy generated at once can mean fast wear and tear. At some point, the heating elements might need replacement.

User Error

We’ve shown up to quite a few jobs where it turned out the homeowner did not need our technicians whatsoever. User error is a common problem during the winter, as locals are simply not used to preparing their heating systems for the work ahead. There are some things you should double-check before calling a technician.

  • Make sure the thermostat is switched to “heat” mode.
  • Turn the fan switch over to “auto” (not “on”).
  • Ensure the temperature on the thermostat is actually set higher than the temperature in the room.
  • Wait a few minutes after turning on the thermostat before expecting to hear the noise of a fan.

Dirty Filters

Yes, something as simple as a dirty filter can lead to a major issue within your heating system or your air conditioner. That’s because dirt lodged within a filter blocks airflow from making its way through the system. The blower fan can become overworked in the process of attempting to suck in enough air, and the components quickly wear down. That’s why you must change the filter at least every three months!

Improper Installation

Finally, a problem we see all too often with Florida heaters has to do with the way they are installed. Improper sizing, or just sloppy installation and poor mounting leads, to a number of problems throughout a system’s lifespan and may mean you have to replace the equipment prematurely. That’s why you should only trust an installation to a qualified team of experienced HVAC contractors!

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