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Ways You May Be Putting Too Much Stress on Your Air Conditioner


Summer weather has arrived in Tampa Bay. This is when air conditioning systems become central to people’s home lives. We can almost guarantee you’ve started to run your AC, and it’ll soon be an almost daily companion inside your home.

Assuming an AC will work as you need it, summer after summer, with no issues will eventually lead to grief. You might be putting too much strain on your air conditioning system already without knowing it. We’re here to help! Below we’ve listed ways homeowners can put their ACs under unnecessary strain that will lead to high bills, ac repairs, and an early system replacement. If you’re doing any of the below, change your ways this summer.

Skipping annual maintenance

This is the #1 way to remove strain from your AC each season. An air conditioning system needs to have annual maintenance and tune-ups from HVAC professionals to remove accumulated wear and tear, make cleanings and adjustments, and check for potential malfunctions. We recommend having maintenance done in spring—and it’s not too late to have it done for this year! Contact us about our maintenance program and we’ll get you on the schedule.

Leaving dirty air filters in place

One of the most common mistakes people make with their air conditioners is forgetting to change the air filters. This blower filter prevents dust and debris from getting inside the air conditioner, but after one to three months it will become so clogged that it will stop air from flowing into the AC. The resulting strain will push up electrical bills, wear down motors, lower the volume of cooled air sent to the house, and other problems. Keep up with regular changes throughout the season and your AC will “breathe” easier.

Lowering the thermostat too far

We know the temptation: the house feels too hot, and you want the air conditioner to hop to it and cool it down fast. But turning the thermostat down farther isn’t the way to do this, since the AC works at the same speed and the power level no matter the thermostat setting. A lower setting will force the AC to run for longer, all to reach a setting that’s too cold. The best way to use the thermostat to keep the air conditioner from overworking is to find a steady, warmer setting for when people are home during the day. We recommend 78°F.

Shutting room vents

Doing this does not reduce the amount of work the AC does. In fact, it spikes the pressure within the HVAC system, which increases strain on the blower and can lead to duct air leaks. Keep all room vents open and unobstructed. If you’re interested in controlling which rooms receive cooling, ask us about installing a zone control system.

Ignoring repair issues

As soon as you notice anything amiss with your AC, even if it doesn’t appear to harm cooling levels, call us for AC repair in Palm Harbor, FL. Never force an air conditioner to run with a malfunction, because it will lead to an even worse malfunction and possibly a system breakdown.

The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. serves our Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor. Call us for great assistance with your air conditioner this summer.

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