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Spring Into Action This Spring: Schedule AC Maintenance!


This is our regular Call to Action when spring arrives: schedule your regular air conditioning maintenance! And yes, we think this is an important call to action, because having maintenance done each year on your AC can save you from some major troubles during the summer. What kind of troubles? We’ll get into that a bit more below.

The VIP Maintenance Club

For those of you who already want to spring into action and have spring maintenance for your air conditioning system, we’ve made it easy for you. The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay has a maintenance program that takes care of your AC and heating system (which needs its maintenance in the fall). It’s our VIP Club, and when you join, you’ll receive…

  • One full system cleaning each year
  • One tune-up (six months later) each year 
  • Reduced service call diagnostic fee for $59 all year
  • No overtime or after-hours fees
  • A 20% discount on repairs
  • Priority, front-of-the-line service
  • Lifetime repair guarantee on many repairs 

Right now is a great time to take advantage of the VIP Club and schedule your air conditioning maintenance in St. Petersburg, FL. Our HVAC technicians have fewer emergency calls during April, and this makes it easier for us to find convenient slots for your maintenance appointment. Reach out to us today to get started.

For Those Who Hung Around for Some Convincing…

You want to know more about the why and how of regular AC maintenance: why it’s important, how it benefits you. We’re happy to share! We have many years of experience doing maintenance, repair, and replacement work on ACs in Tampa Bay, and we’ve seen firsthand how much a difference routine maintenance can make…

A well-maintained AC will last for longer. The estimated service life for an air conditioner is from 10 to 15 years—when it has maintenance. Without maintenance, an AC will lose years off its lifespan and may end up failing after only 5 to 8 years.

Maintenance makes ACs more reliable. Reliability is exactly what you want from an air conditioner in Florida. When it’s hot, you want to know you can turn the air conditioner on and enjoy a cool house. Maintenance stops the majority of problems that can make your AC unreliable and potentially non-functional. The peace of mind that comes with this is worth it!

Maintaining an AC protects its warranty. About 2% of ACs that leave the factory have some flaw in them. This is why you have a manufacturer’s warranty: you won’t have to pay for parts due to this type of fault. Maintenance is necessary to keep the warranty valid.

An AC with regular maintenance costs less to run. Missing maintenance will cause wear and tear to rapidly catch up with an AC, and this will lower its energy efficiency and make the system more expensive to operate. Regular maintenance stops this gradual decline and keeps bills lower.

Maintaining your AC means fewer repairs. In fact, more than 50% of the repairs ACs need during their service lives can be prevented thanks to maintenance. You’ll save time and money.

The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. serves our Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor. Call us today to learn more about our VIP Club and schedule your air conditioning maintenance.

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