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How Do Most Air Purifiers Work?


Are you interested in installing a whole-house air purifier in Dunedin, FL for your house this spring? It’s the right season for it, since spring is serious allergy season in Florida, and the right air purifier can do the job of significantly lowering the pollen count and removing other allergens from your home. Air purifiers can help with other indoor air quality problems as well, such as removing chemicals, smoke, volatile organic compounds, and other pollutants from circulating through the air of your home’s living spaces. 

You can trust to our expertise when it comes to finding the right type of air purifier for your house. But if you’d like to know how the standard air purifier works, please hang around a bit more and we’ll get into it.

The Ionizer Air Purifier

The most common type of air purifier used for whole-house indoor air quality is the ionizer purifier, also called an ionizing air purifier. It works by ionizing the air. So what does that mean? 

First, imagine the air purifier inside the ductwork of your ventilation system. The air purifier ionizes the air in a region of the ducts through which all the air moving through the HVAC system must pass—in other words, it creates an electrical charge that changes the charge of the molecules moving through it. The molecules will either gain an electron (becoming negatively charged) or lose an electron (becoming positively charged). What now happens is that the two oppositely charged sets of particles are drawn toward each other and begin to lump into congregates. This achieves two things:

  • The particles become larger, and therefore much easier for a standard filtration system to trap. Most HVAC systems with air purifiers will also have filters, and this makes the filter much more effective.
  • The clumps of particles become heavier and drop out of the air. 

Furthermore, the air purifier itself has two sets of metal plates with opposite charges. These plates draw the particles and collect them, which prevents the charged particles from spreading into the house where they’ll stick to objects like furniture and drapes. 

There are different types of ionizer air purifiers, such as ones that use fans for faster removal of particles, and others that combine filters as well as UV lights for even more powerful air purification. In some of these systems, the filter has a positive charge as well so that it is more effective at trapping the particles that have gone through ionization. 

Please keep in mind that an ionizer air purifier is not your only choice when it comes to cleaning the air in your home. Air filters can often do the full indoor air quality improvements you need, and there are also UV air filters and oxidation air purification systems. We will make sure that you end up with the exact right kind of indoor air quality system to help your household enjoy the freshest, cleanest air. 

The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. serves our Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor. Call us to find out more about our indoor air quality services.

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