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Split Systems vs. Traditional Air Conditioning


Traditional air conditioning is what you’re probably used to. It’s what most of us are used to, but split air conditioning may just be the future. In many ways, it leaves traditional ducted air conditioning in the dust.

A split system air conditioner comes with many benefits, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s plenty of benefits in ducted, central AC that anyone can appreciate. Let’s put them toe to toe and see which system makes the most sense for you and your family.

Benefits of Split Systems

Split systems have their own string of benefits that are just completely different from traditional air conditioning. Let’s talk about what they bring to the table.

  • Split systems can be used for both cooling and heating, so you don’t have to get two different HVAC systems when one will do the trick.
  • Ideal to zone control your home and save money on electricity. You don’t need to waste cash cooling down rooms that don’t have anyone in them.
  • Extremely quiet in comparison to a loud central air conditioner compressor kicking on. Have you heard those things? They’re so loud you can hear them from outside.
  • No ductwork to maintain or worry about, leaving you with less maintenance and fewer things that can go wrong.

Benefits of Traditional Air Conditioning

Just because split systems are great doesn’t mean they’re the best option. It depends on your home and situation, and in those events, these traditional air conditioner benefits may be better for you.

  • Only one unit to worry about; not four separate heads. This helps when it comes to maintenance, but also repairs. Having two zones out at the same time wouldn’t be very joyful.
  • Suitable for any home as well as commercial buildings. These units are powerful and deliver air throughout your home (as long as they’re sized properly).
  • Less expensive to install than split systems with multiple heads. There only needs to be a single indoor until installed and connected to the ductwork.

Either way, with proper maintenance and due diligence, you can see a long life from a traditional air conditioner just like you can with a ductless mini split.

What’s the Better Option for You?

At the end of the day, it depends on what you find the most utility in. If traditional air conditioning makes sense because you already have solid ductwork, you can do that. If you have multiple people in your home that each have different temperature requirements, a mini split might be better.

Which Works Best for Your Family?

You know your home and family better than anyone: would they benefit from individual zones and separate split system heads, or do you need to cool the entire home at once?

Find out what makes the most sense for your family, but either way, be sure you contact the right professionals to install whichever system you choose.

Contact The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. today to schedule your air conditioner installation, whether it’s traditional or a split system. Get started before summer rolls around.

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