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Now Is a Good Time to Assess Your AC’s Performance This Year

Two technicians working on an air conditioner outside the home.

Your air conditioner works overtime to keep you cool when you need it and beat the heat of Tampa during the blazing summer months. Right now it’s cool enough that it has a bit of downtime. That gives you the perfect opportunity to see how it’s doing before you need to heavily rely on it next season.

It’s time to do a wellness check on your AC to determine whether you need AC repair in Clearwater, FL, or if you’re A-okay until next season. Let’s find out.

Detect Any Issues With Efficiency

Have you noticed that your energy bills are rising or that you’re using more electricity than you used to? After you check your energy provider’s information to make sure they haven’t simply raised rates, look to see if you’re using more electricity.

If you are, but you know that your habits haven’t changed since your last bill, your AC could be drawing additional power just to do the same job. This happens when you have dirty coils and dusty filters. Your AC has to work harder to cool your home even though there’s no need to.

Save Money by Detecting and Stopping Air Leaks

Air leaks are the same thing as throwing money out the window. You spend energy and money to cool your home, but leaks in your ductwork could lose you a great deal of efficiency. The amount of waste depends on the severity of the leaks and where they’re located.

If you can’t recall the last time you had your ducts sealed, it’s probably a good indicator that it’s time to check for air leaks. Many of these can be stopped with specialized tape if you have the know-how to detect where the leaks are coming from, although it’s a task that is normally best done by a professional.

Don’t Forget About Your Home

The cooling efficiency of your home directly ties in to your AC efficiency. If your air conditioner is constantly working to fill a home with cool air, but that home is endlessly leaking that cool air back into the world, then you’re wasting money and adding wear and tear to your unit.

Rent a thermal gun and test where your home is leaking air. Turn on the air conditioner so your home is set to a few degrees lower than the outside temperature, and then use the thermal gun to detect where hot air is entering the home.

Your house efficiency will affect your air conditioner no matter what. Now is the perfect time to locate and seal leaks in your home so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work harder on top of it.

Make Sure Your AC is Running Smoothly

Now that you know how your AC is performing, it’s time to do something with that information. Replace those air filters, dust off those vents, and call for AC repair so that every single component on your AC is working perfectly before you really need it. Don’t hesitate to fix issues with your AC before the hot season hits.

Contact us today to inspect, repair, and maintain your AC throughout the year in Clearwater.

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