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Has This Summer Been Too Much for Your AC?


Each summer, your AC goes on a long endurance run as it battles to remove heat from your home. Did it just run its last course and maybe needs to quit?

Because, let’s face it, this was a rough summer to be a cooling system in Florida. Too much heat, too much humidity. A newer AC installation in Clearwater, FL is probably in decent shape and ready for more heat next year (provided it has its annual maintenance appointment in spring). An aging AC may be looking at a wobbly future unless repaired—or even replaced. How can you tell if this summer was too much for your cooling system?

How much did you pay to run the AC?

This is the data point to pay the closest attention to. You expect a rise in your electricity bill during the summer because of how often the air conditioner must run. (The AC’s compressor consumes more electricity than any appliance in a home with the exception of an electric water heater.) But if you thought that this summer’s electrical bills were simply too much, you’ve either gotten into some bad habits with how often you run your AC, or the AC is on the decline. Have our technicians check it out to see if repairs will provide a long-term solution or if replacement is the superior choice.

Did you need to repair the AC this summer?

It’s common for an air conditioning system to need a repair at least once in its service life, and if this summer was the first time you had to call us to fix your AC, you’re probably still in good shape. But, if you had to repair the AC last summer as well, that’s a warning sign that repairs are only providing short-term solutions. You can expect more repairs in the future and accumulating costs that are better directed toward getting a new air conditioner. 

How old is the AC?

Now that you’ve considered some of the costs involved in keeping your air conditioning system working, think about how old it is. You can find the manufacturer date on the back of the condenser cabinet. An air conditioner can often last from 10 to 15 years, with most systems coming out on the higher end if they have regular maintenance. Around 12 years is when to pay close attention to repair costs and loss of efficiency. When other problems compound with a system that age or older, it’s time to get serious about a replacement.

Do you trust your AC?

Sounds a bit sinister, doesn’t it? What we mean is: “Do you trust that your AC will work when you need it the most, such as during an intense, extended heat wave?” If you have suspicions the system is too old and in decline, you may fear you’ll get trapped with a busted AC on one of the hottest days of the summer. These suspicions are reason enough to call our team to look over your air conditioner and give you honest advice about what to do with it. Will repairs help? Or is it time for a brand-new air conditioner?

The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. serves our Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor. Contact us for the AC services you need at the end of the summer.

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