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Give Your Air Conditioning a Summer “Report Card”

Children are heading back to school, and in a few months they’ll start bringing home report cards. But you can hand out a report card before school starts: a report card for your air conditioning system. How did it perform its job this summer? Did it sail through the season and keep those electrical bills steady? Or did it hit a few bumps along the way?

Here’s a guide to help you grade your AC:

A. The AC was a dream. It delivered an oasis of cooling for the home. You never had to think about it. No repairs, no unusual spikes in electrical costs.

B. The AC ran as expected. Maybe a few odd noises now and then, a slight rise in costs. A few spots in the house felt hotter than normal.

C. The AC needed to be repaired at some point. It didn’t fail, but its performance dropped to the point where you needed to call for Tampa, FL, AC services.

D. The AC suffered a major failure requiring an expensive fix. It cost much more to run than at any point in its lifespan.

E. The AC not only broke completely, but when running it struggled to reach a comfortable temperature. Everyone in the house complained about the heat, and you were scared to look at monthly electrical bills.

What Does This Grade Mean for the Future?

You may have no difficulty grading your AC. If you wrote a big “A” without hesitation on the report card, then the only concern for the future is to remember to schedule spring air conditioning maintenance. This annual inspection and tune-up will help the air conditioner earn many “As” in the future.

If you wrote an “F,” you need a new air conditioner. And you know you need one! We hope this exercise made it clear it’s time to call an HVAC professional to examine the system and put your home on the schedule for a replacement AC.

If you were uncertain about the grade, or you put down one of the middling grades, make a list of the reasons for your choice. Here’s a sample list for an air conditioner that got a “C”:

  • Called for a repair when the system kept shutting off.
  • Don’t feel confident the air conditioner will run all through the day
  • Think another AC system will save money in comparison

Sounds like it might be time to get a new AC. Or it might be best to have targeted repairs.

When you’re uncertain about the next steps for the air conditioning system, look at the grade and your list, then call our technicians. You now have a written description of your concerns regarding the cooling system’s performance. Give our technician the details (include the system’s age) and they’ll schedule a visit from an HVAC expert who can give you a professional opinion.

Our company abides by a code of honor and integrity. We won’t push you to purchase items you don’t need. Trust us to help you find your way to the best home cooling.

Arrange for any cooling system work you need with The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. Serving our Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor.

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