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How Damaged Ductwork Impacts Your Air Quality

Ductwork is absolutely essential for your home comfort unless you’ve got a specific ductless system like a mini split. Most homes use average forced-air heating and cooling systems, like central air conditioners and furnaces, which rely on a network of air ducts to transport that air throughout your home.

But just like any component of your home comfort system, ductwork can get damaged and run into serious problems. Even just a minor crack or leak in your air ducts can lead to a tangible increase in your energy or heating bills at the end of the month, as well as a reduction in your indoor air quality, which doesn’t go away and can even get worse. Air duct replacement in St. Petersburg is often the best solution when things get really bad.

Let’s find out how you might detect if your air ducts are damaged and what that might mean for the future. And don’t forget, the AC Guy of Tampa is “your guy” for all things HVAC related!

The Problems With Broken Air Ducts

Air ducts aren’t just an aesthetic problem in your home, they can also spell disaster for your air quality, efficiency, and comfort. Here are just a few ways your broken or leaking air ducts are going to cause problems for you.

  • An efficiency issue. Your heating and cooling systems need to send their conditioner air to the rooms of your home. But if your air ducts are leaking this air into areas where you can’t feel it (and your thermostat can’t sense it) then it’s barely going to register. This can lead to longer cycles, which consumes more fuel and energy as a result. This kind of decrease in efficiency can be a huge problem for homeowners of any budget.
  • Increase contaminants in the house. Over time, dust and debris can settle inside of your air ducts. Even pests like spiders, flies, and other insects can lay eggs and nest in there. When leaks begin to develop, those contaminants and pests can all filter out into the air you breathe. While an air filtration system could target these contaminants pretty easily, it would only be a band-aid on a problem that’s getting worse. Only a completely fixed air duct system would stop leaking contaminants into your air.
  • Poor comfort. How are you supposed to feel calm and cool on a scorching hot summer day if the air conditioning never reaches your bedroom? Air duct leaks can cause an increase in temperature during the summer (and a decrease during the winter), meaning your home just feels more uncomfortable.

Luckily, our team is licensed and ready to handle your air duct needs. Call us and schedule an inspection so we can get right to repairing what’s broken.

When Replacement Is the Best Solution

What happens if your air ducts are in total disrepair? Well, air duct replacement is always a good option if you’re looking to start from scratch. And, depending on the condition of your HVAC system as a whole, even investing in ductless mini splits might be a cost-effective way to keep your home comfortable and efficient without the need of air ducts at all.

For a customized approach to your home’s air system–“I’m your guy!

Schedule an air duct inspection, repair, or replacement with The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc.

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