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Why Air Ducts Are So Important to Home Comfort

duct-installationWhen an air conditioner is not working properly, or not cooling down the room as much as you’d like, you assume the issue exists within the system. A broken fan motor, low refrigerant levels, or failing electrical components are likely responsible, but these also may not be the only contributors to your discomfort.

When you notice that your air conditioner just does not seem to live up to its potential, you shouldn’t pass it off as just being a quirk of your older system or perhaps a problem with the thermostat. Most likely, there is a problem within the air ducts, and this is something you should address (with the help of qualified technicians).

Why Air Duct Quality Matters

The goal of quality air duct design is to provide the most direct route from the air conditioner, where air that is sucked in is cooled, to the vents of the home. This allows for the most efficient transfer, but ducts are not always designed with efficiency in mind.

Too many twists and turns in the air ducts can strain the air travel, meaning some parts of the home are less comfortable than offers. Often, duct professionals are not called in to craft the ducts during new building construction, which can result in inefficient design and a higher chance of leakage.

The Average Ductwork Is Leaky

As it turns out, most air ducts are leaking, to an extent. Poorly sealed joints could contribute, but eventually a duct can crack or start to break apart with time. When a new homeowner is having trouble with the AC, we often find that the ducts are so shoddy, they have to be completely replaced!

The average home air conditioner is losing about 30% of the cool air it produces to the ductwork. That means nearly 1/3 of the air your system generates spills out into the walls and ceilings, where you get no benefit—but still have to pay for it!

The Cost of Leaky Ducts

When you have leaky ductwork in the home, cool air does not make it directly into your living space, meaning you pay to cool a space you’re not actually using! In fact, your air conditioner has to work harder to attempt to meet your thermostat’s demands.

Add to this the fact that when people in your home are uncomfortable, they tend to turn down the thermostat even more. Excessive use drives up costs and wears down the AC equipment, meaning it’s more likely to have frequent breakdowns.

What Can Be Done

It’s hard to say whether your ductwork has a serious leakage issue based solely on temperature differences and other small factors, but a technician can assess your ducts. A duct inspection may reveal some holes and cracks that require duct sealing. This is a more involved process than you may think, and duct tape is not right for the job.

For major issues within the ductwork, you may need a collapsed duct repaired or even ductwork replacement. But that’s something a technician must handle.

For duct sealing in Tampa, FL, get in touch with the friendly team at The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc.

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