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Why You Still Need Heating Maintenance in Florida


In the Sunshine State, we don’t use our heat nearly as much as the folks in northern parts of the US. This does mean we pay a lot less for heating (though we make up for it when we’re paying for cooling). But does it mean our heating systems won’t need as much care?

If you imagine heating maintenance as something people have to do if they spend much of the year buried in snow, we’ve got news for you. Heating maintenance is critical, even when a heating system doesn’t get used much each year. We’ll explain exactly why, and what benefits you’ll enjoy.

Disuse Causes Issues

It’s true that some of the wear and tear a heating system experiences during the course of a year is due to standard use. But the majority of what a maintenance technician will address during your annual heating maintenance appointment has nothing to do with whether or not you used your heat a lot during the winter.

Imagine that you left a room of your house entirely alone for the year. You don’t walk in, you don’t even check to see what’s going on in there. How would it look at the end of that time? Well, we can absolutely guarantee that it would be very dusty in there! You might even find some damage from rodents or insects.

If you have a furnace that’s been left alone for many months, it, too, has gathered a great deal of dust. It may have experienced specific damage, whether from pests or something else that occurred during that time. And the lubricant that keeps the moving parts of the furnace gliding against each other without too much friction has dried out.

Heat Pumps Need Twice-Yearly Maintenance

In our area, a heat pump is a perfect home climate control solution, offering all the heat you’ll need for the winter at a fraction of the cost. But you shouldn’t expect your heat pump to smoothly transition from cooling to heating and work all winter without any maintenance. Because it’s doing twice the job of an air conditioner, it will need twice-yearly checkups.

Just like a furnace, heat pumps do gather dust (and have dirt accumulate on their outdoor units) and they do have moving parts which need to be lubricated regularly. They also have refrigerant coils that need to be inspected for leaks. And because they create condensation, they have drainage systems which, left neglected, can clog, create water damage, or become breeding grounds for mold and bacteria.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

When you get heating maintenance in Tampa, FL every year for your furnace, or twice a year for your heat pump, you’ll experience some fantastic benefits.

  • Efficiency: Without maintenance, efficiency drops, and with it, efficiency stays high.
  • Effectiveness: Your heating system will work better and keep your home more evenly warm.
  • Function: Your need for heating repairs will be decreased by as much as 85%.
  • Longevity: Your system will work for longer, allowing you to postpone system replacement.
  • Warranty Compliance: If your system is under warranty, you’ll keep it that way.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for furnace or heat pump maintenance.

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