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What Counts as an AC Emergency?

Your AC isn’t working as intended, but is it an emergency, or can you wait it out for your HVAC technician to get there? Emergency calls often take priority, but you want to make sure you classify the problem that you’re calling about with accuracy.

When you get AC repair in Tampa, it can often feel like an emergency because of the heat and humidity. After all, if it’s in the middle of a heat wave, it’s as close to an emergency as you can get. Let’s talk about what constitutes an air conditioning repair emergency.

Any Electrical Hazards

Live electricity is no joke, so if you notice exposed wiring, damage to visible wires, or anything else pertaining to your AC’s electrical system, that’s an emergency. This could be a thermostat that broke off the wall and left exposed wiring, or any visible sparks near your air conditioner, but if it seems even remotely electrical, it’s an emergency.

Sudden and Excessive Humidity

Your air conditioner pulls moisture out of the air. This isn’t just important for cooling your home, but also for your health and well-being. When your relative humidity (RH) level reaches around 60% or so, the risk for mold growth becomes very real.

At 70%, you not only notice the thickness in the air, but it heavily promotes the growth of mold. This means something in your air conditioner isn’t working, and when it’s fixed, it has a lot of work to do to cool down your space again and remove that excess humidity. It’s important to get an HVAC technician out to you as soon as possible and get this repaired.

Water Leaks in the Home

Your air conditioner shouldn’t leak water into your home. There’s a drip pan and a condensate drain line that pulls water away from your air conditioner’s outdoor cabinet, and that’s where all the water should go.

If there’s any liquid leaking into your home, at first it may be difficult to assess if it’s from your AC or a burst. The best way to tell is to look for the source of the water. If it’s coming from the AC vents (which is highly uncommon), it could be failing to remove moisture from the air and humidity is building in your ductwork. That’s an emergency for sure.

Poor or Nonexistent Airflow

When you put your hand up to the vents in your home as the AC is clearly running, do you feel airflow? If it feels extremely weak, or you can’t feel any at all, that’s a big problem. Your blower motor might have gone out, or you might have an issue with your air ducts.

Let’s Get That Emergency Sorted

If your air conditioner suddenly stops working out of nowhere, it’s best to call for repair as quickly as possible. Don’t wait around and let the problem get worse or go without proper air conditioning in the meantime—call now and let’s put this problem to rest.

Contact us today to schedule your emergency AC repair as soon as possible. 

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