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How You Can Take Advantage of Tax Rebates and More to Save Big!

Now is the best time to invest in a heat pump system if you live in our neck of the woods. Not only are they some of the most important pieces of equipment for homeowners due to how hot and humid it gets throughout the entire year, but there are also tons of tax rebates, credits, and governmental programs that could help you save money on such a huge investment.

We get it, these systems can be expensive. Nobody wants to shell out a lot of money if they can help it. But when the hottest days of the year arrive, you’ll be happy you spent that money–and even happier that you saved a lot more due to what we’re going to talk about!

So, keep reading to learn about some of the amazing opportunities available when it comes to Florida heat pump rebates.

Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Credit

Let’s start off with the most robust savings that homeowners could achieve when purchasing a new heat pump system. Notice that we said “heat pump” and not just simply “air conditioner?” This is because heat pumps, while more expensive, can do a lot more than air conditioners and are some of the most powerful systems to use in our area. Thus, you can save more on the purchase of a heat pump than you would on the purchase of a simple air conditioner, even though the heat pump is more expensive.

The Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Credit is a federal tax credit that is claimable by all homeowners throughout the United States. Basically, if you’ve got an ENERGY STAR-certified heat pump installed after January of 2023, you can claim a pretty large tax break (up to $2,000 in some cases) as a reimbursement for your purchase. We’re even offering $2,500 on TOP of the existing tax credits to a total of $4,500 off of qualifying installations!

This is because the federal government is trying to incentivize homeowners to purchase heat pumps, which have a lower energy burden on the power grid and are better for the environment. It’s basically a win-win. The government gets to save money on energy production and infrastructure repairs, while customers save money from tax credits and improved efficiency.

Utility Rebate Programs

Don’t just stop there! There are plenty of local programs to take advantage of as well! Some utility companies in Tampa Bay are giving qualified rebates to customers who invest in heat pumps, for the exact same reasons that the government is.

By investing in a heat pump that meets the utility company’s efficiency standards, you’re lowering the burden on the energy grid while being more eco-friendly. This is a win-win, so utility companies are willing to give customers rebates (sometimes up to $135) with the purchase of a new heat pump.

Efficiency Upgrades and Long-Term Savings

Want to know something cool? We’ve only talked about the money you save immediately on the purchase of a new heat pump. Most of the savings that come from these systems are over its lifespan, so you could see even more savings.

Heat pumps are exceptionally efficient and powerful, especially in climates with mild winters and hot summers (like Tampa). So, as we said at the beginning, now seems to be the perfect time to invest in a heat pump.

Contact The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. for AC or heat pump installations that save you as much money as possible. Don’t forget, when it comes to AC–I’m your guy!

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