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How Often Do You Need Duct Repairs?

When you think about getting your HVAC system repaired, you probably think of the condenser coil, maybe unclogging the drain line, or fixing a refrigerant leak. Ductwork is out of sight and out of mind, yet it requires repairs from time to time just like the rest of your HVAC system does. The question is: how often should you expect to fix your ducts?

We’ve handled plenty of AC duct repair in Tampa over the years, and we can confidently say that there’s an average timeline where you should schedule duct testing, sealing, and repairs. Here’s what you need to know.

It Starts With Duct Testing to See What’s Wrong

Duct testing shows where your ductwork is leaking. It may only be a few small leaks at the joints of your ducts, but it all adds up. You can lose a lot of air through small leaks in your ductwork, so we test for that first and foremost to see if you even need AC duct repair.

From there, we figure out if you need duct sealing services, or if you need full-on duct repair. The difference? They’re both a form of repair, but duct sealing is when you seal up leaks and restore air pressure to your ductwork without replacing sections of it. Duct repair would imply that a section is broken or destroyed, not simply leaking.

Duct Repairs Are Common Every 5-10 Years

If it turns out your ducts need to be repaired, that will likely happen after 5–10 years of use. Wear and tear bears down on your ductwork, especially if it hasn’t been sealed in a while. However, there are other reasons your ducts can incur damage:

  • Rodents: Mice look for warmth in the winter, and there’s nowhere warmer in your home than the ducts. They may gnaw through the material to get into your ductwork, and yes, they can also get through insulation.
  • Gravity: Depending on how the ducts are positioned, the force of gravity pulling down on certain joints or areas of your ductwork will expedite damage.
  • Bad Reno Project: Sometimes damages happen from remodeling areas of your home or repairing walls. You may unknowingly put a hole or two in your ductwork if it sits on the other side of a wall you’re working on. While unlikely, you could even puncture ductwork by hanging shelves.

What Happens When You Neglect Duct Repairs

You can lose around 30% of the air you just paid to heat or cool through leaks and holes in your ductwork. When you don’t get the repairs you need, it makes small problems bigger, drives up your energy bills, and requires more from your HVAC system. That’s more strain, which leads to faster wear and tear on your HVAC unit as a whole.

Get Those Ducts Fixed by the Best

It’s time to get your ductwork taken care of before those problems get worse. Contact us today so we can get your ductwork tested, sealed, or repaired. No more wasting time and energy on those damaged ducts.

Contact us today to schedule your air conditioner duct repairs as soon as possible.

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