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Heat Pump or AC—Is There a Clear Choice?

“Is there a clear choice between installing a heat pump or AC for my home?”

We’ll supply the answer we’d give for any choice between different types of comfort systems: “Yes—but you’ll need the help of professionals to find the clear choice for your circumstances.”

In other words, we can’t give you a definite answer on a blog post. Each home is different, and each homeowner has specific requirements. However, we can provide information about the AC/heat pump choice to help you understand the direction to head. When you’re ready, call our experts for heat pump or AC services in Clearwater, FL. We’ll put our knowledge to work locating the ideal installation.

Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners Are Similar

The first bit of important information about heat pumps and ACs is how close they are to each other in operation and construction. In fact, an air conditioner is a type of “heat pump,” which means an electrically powered device that pumps heat from one location to another by circulating refrigerant. The refrigerant evaporates in one coil to absorb heat, then condenses in another to release heat.

The difference between an air conditioner and a heat pump (at least as HVAC technicians use the term heat pump) is that an air conditioner pumps heat in one direction only: out of the house. A heat pump can reverse operation and pump heat into the house. I.e. a heat pump runs as both a cooling and heating system.

Why You May Wish to Install an AC

A heat pump sounds like a fantastic option because of its dual function. It’s not always the right choice, however. A heat pump costs more than an air conditioner. To get cost-effective use from a heat pump, it must work around the year. Purchasing a heat pump you only plan to use for cooling is a waste of money. If your current heating system (such as a furnace) isn’t ready to retire, it’s better to keep the heater and replace the air conditioner with a new air conditioner. If you have a gas furnace, we also recommend staying with natural gas for heating because it’s inexpensive and cost-effective.

Why You May Wish to Install a Heat Pump

If you live in an all-electric house (no gas connection) and use an electric furnace for heat, installing a heat pump can provide significant savings on heating costs. A heat pump uses far less electricity in heating mode than an electric furnace. If both the air conditioner and electric furnace of your HVAC system are ready for a replacement, then a heat pump is an excellent choice. The dual performance and energy-saving heating mode justify the higher cost of the heat pump.

Other HVAC Options

You may have even better choices than “AC/heat pump,” such as a ductless mini split system, a type of heat pump that works well for homes without the space for ductwork. You can trust the expertise of our team to discover the best new HVAC system for your house. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 12 months for new AC installations.

Schedule your HVAC services with The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. “Serving our Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor.”

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