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Why Your Heat Pump May Be Underperforming This Summer

We love heat pumps in Tampa because they offer the right combination for comfort all year: they perform as powerful air conditioners during the long summers, then switch over to energy-efficient heaters for the shorter stretches of cold weather.

Right now you probably have your heat pump running most days, cooling down your home. But if you’re reading this, you must have run into some trouble—your heat pump isn’t keeping up and your home is getting too warm. We can offer you the heat pump service in Tampa, FL that will get your heat pump back to work or else find a heat pump to replace it. 

Before you call us, look over some of the possible causes for an underperforming heat pump below.

First, is the heat pump sending out warm air?

If the problem isn’t just that the heat pump isn’t cooling the house enough, but that it’s sending out warm air, then a likely source of the problem is a broken reversing valve. This component is what allows a heat pump to change between heating and cooling mode. If this valve gets stuck, the heat pump will remain in one mode no matter the thermostat settings. Our technicians can change out the reversing valve to get your heat pump back to cooling mode.

Always check the air filter!

Poor cooling performance from a heat pump often occurs because the air filter has gotten too dirty. This filter needs regular changes—and you probably should have already changed it at this point in the summer. If the filter is in place for too long, it will become clogged and restrict airflow, and that means a lower volume of air that gets cooled. Change the air filter to see if this resolves the issue.

Miscalibrated thermostat

The heat pump itself may have no problems. It could be the thermostat that’s behind the trouble. A thermostat’s temperature sensor can become miscalibrated, causing the thermostat to incorrectly register indoor temperatures. Your house won’t cool down enough if the thermostat registers the house is cooler than it actually is. Don’t try to push the thermostat setting higher to overcome this: call our technicians and we can recalibrate the thermostat or replace it if necessary.

Refrigerant leaks

Loss of refrigerant to leaks can start to affect a heat pump after only five years. Not only does this cause a decline in cooling capacity (and heating), it will eventually damage the compressor and cause a full system breakdown. Technicians can find the leaks, seal them, and recharge the refrigerant to its factory level.

Aging heat pump

How old is your heat pump? More than 12 years? More than 15? If so, then this poor cooling performance might be a warning that it’s coming to the end of its service life. Our technicians can give you an estimate on the cost of getting it repaired vs. the cost of a replacement to help you make the decision about when to invest in a new heat pump. We definitely recommend changing out a heat pump that’s more than 15 years old if it’s struggling.

The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. serves our Tampa Bay family with integrity and honor. Call us when you need service for your home’s heat pump.

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