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It’s Time to Schedule AC Maintenance


It’s getting warmer and warmer out there! Are you prepared for when the heat really hits? One of the most important things you can do to get ready for summer is schedule AC maintenance. You’ll be relying on your air conditioner quite heavily for months, and you want to start the season with it in tip-top shape.

While you might be aware that air conditioner maintenance is recommended, you might not know much about what that service includes or how it helps your air conditioner. We’d like to give you some information about AC maintenance and its many benefits.

The Basics of AC Maintenance

While there are many detailed steps on a technician’s checklist for performing thorough air conditioner maintenance, they largely fall into four basic categories:

  • Cleaning: All parts of the air conditioner must be cleaned. Dust and grime will be removed, the air filter will be replaced, and the condensate pan and drainage lines will be washed out.
  • Lubrication: Air conditioners have moving parts which need to be able to slide smoothly against one another, and over the course of a year’s hard work in the Florida heat, that lubrication will have worn away. Your technician will apply lubricant to those components.
  • Inspection: With all parts of your air conditioner now sparkling clean, your technician will be able to get a very good look at everything. All components will be checked to make sure they’re in good condition and in proper alignment.
  • Testing: Electrical components must be tested, making sure the amp draw is correct and all electrical wiring is properly connected. The thermostat must be tested for accuracy and recalibrated if necessary.

The Benefits of AC Maintenance

  • Efficiency: Having all that dust removed will really help with airflow, and the lubrication will cut down on friction. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to pull air through or keep its parts moving, so it will consume less energy. 
  • Effectiveness: In addition to using less electricity to get the job done, your newly maintained air conditioner will be able to do the job better, keeping your home more evenly cool and comfortable.
  • Functionality: With annual maintenance, air conditioners are able to function much more of the time and experience problems and breakdowns less often.
  • Longevity: Regular maintenance means less wear and tear and system strain over the years. This means more years of run time for your air conditioner. A well-maintained AC unit can last 12 years or more, but one that never receives maintenance may only last five to seven.
  • Warranty Compliance: Keeping your air conditioner under warranty will allow you to reap a major potential benefit. If a part fails unexpectedly early or is not up to the standards of the manufacturer, you might be able to have it replaced on the manufacturer’s dime rather than your own. But to comply with the warranty agreement, your air conditioner needs annual professional maintenance.

When to Schedule Maintenance

It’s ideal to have your AC maintained before you need to start it up. This way you’ll avoid any risk that it won’t work well, or won’t work at all, when you need it. You also won’t blow all that dust into your home! But the most important thing isn’t the exact timing of the maintenance, it’s that maintenance be done every single year. Schedule AC maintenance in Tampa, FL now!

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