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Air Conditioning Services in Clearwater, FL

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Surviving a year in Clearwater, FL isn’t feasible unless you have a powerful and reliable air conditioning system. The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. is the trustworthy local contractor you can turn to for all your AC needs, including air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, and air conditioning maintenance. Our technicians are skilled with handling all brands and types of ACs, and they know how to rapidly problem-solve any trouble that’s making it hard to keep your home and family cool. We take our job seriously because we understand how much is riding on your hot weather comfort. Our Customer Service Advisors are ready to assist you today.

Air Conditioning Installation in Clearwater, FL

The most important day for an air conditioning system is the day it’s installed. If you let professionals do the work, like our expert technicians, you can expect to have an AC with a long service life, high energy efficiency, and few troubles to interrupt your comfort. Our technicians will help you find the best unit for your home’s cooling requirements and make sure it is correctly sized to provide even cool air distribution. We stand behind all of our work!

Clearwater, FL AC Repair

The Florida heat puts immense strain on AC to keep up, and even with the best installation and regular maintenance, an air conditioner can malfunction. You don’t want to be trapped on one of the hottest days of the year with a failed or failing air conditioner-and you don’t have to be since you can call on our air AC repair pros. We’ll get to you fast, ready to diagnose and solve your air conditioner so it will go back to work and keep working to cool your home.

AC Maintenance in Clearwater, FL

The best way to ensure you enjoy continual comfort and energy-saving performance from your air conditioning system is to schedule annual AC maintenance with the The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc. team. You can join our maintenance program to enjoy extra benefits and greater convenience when it comes to regular tune-ups and inspections for your cooling equipment. The benefits of maintenance are immense, leading to both short-term and long-term savings and better AC performance.

Clearwater, FL Air Conditioning Replacement

The average service life of a central air conditioning system is from 10 to 15 years. Maintenance will help you get your AC to reach the upper end of that estimate, but no amount of maintenance will let your AC work forever. If you suspect it’s time to change out your dusty and inefficient old air conditioner, call The A/C Guy of Tampa Bay Inc.. We’ll help you find the best replacement option that will work better than your old air conditioner did even when it was new.