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Chris U, 3+ years ago

Mark stopped by this morning on a routine system inspection. Offered a detailed system performance report and went over everything that my system needs. Great jog.

JOSEPH DINAPOLI, 3+ years ago

been doing biz with the bowman family for about 5 years. always a positive experience, professional, prompt, office communicates with you every step of the way. very reasonable pricing, VERY. in this day and age of not knowing who you can trust----look at the rating--5 stars----you can trust these folks. also, they stay in touch to schedule annual maintenance so your chances of a breakdown at the wrong time is avoided. AGAIN----annual service is very reasonable in price.

CLAUDIA KUEHNL's Profile Image
CLAUDIA KUEHNL, 3+ years ago

I spoke to 2 other ACH Co.s and they were outrageous in price and ill prepared sales people. Ironically, the most reasonable were these AC Guys & this is the replacement of like-kind/Brand that we'd had & that had given us uninterrupted service before.
They were very professional. To the point of sending emails with the pictures of the people showing up on such and such a date and they did show up on time and did everything we discussed! Below is a message I'd sent to my insurance adjuster which I'd like to add.

I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it has been with dealing with you. You have amazing follow through! I got your tel, message and please thank Greg for his thoughtfulness and follow through. You addressed everything to the last scintilla, that we discussed on the phone.

Also, Daniel gets a bit shoutout for his diligence in everything that he did in correcting and trouble shooting with me late at night when I couldn't get the AC on. I have recommended you folks to two other people. One of whom I imagine will call you in the not too distant future.

It is hard to trust much of anything these days, and you folks are a class act, and have remedied any concerns I have had. I only wish there were more companies that behaved the way you folks have conducted yourselves.

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sandra gregg, 3+ years ago

We are so pleased to have our new AC unit installed. I highly recommend the AC guys. The installation was flawless. Efficient knowledgable and their team are so professional. Chris followed up after installation and company gave us a unigue gift that measures room temperature. So cool

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Sam Anaya, 3+ years ago
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Karen C

Prompt, polite, worked hard, cleaned up after themselves and quoted less than competition. They did a great job. Very rare customer service!!

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Benjamin H

Had a great experience , very helpful. The guys where professional and worked very quickly.

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Heath Watson, 3+ years ago

Great company. Priced right and the service you want. Highly recommended. The AC Guy is Grace Church of Dunedin's go to AC company.

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Heath W

Great company. Priced right and the service you want. Highly recommended. The AC Guy is Grace Church of Dunedin's go to AC company.

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Lu Duncan Frank, 3+ years ago

Greg installed our unit 4 years ago and it had kept us comfortable as long as we have had it! His company is very professional and we get them in on an annual basis for the check up to make sure it is in tip top shape! Great unit, great price, and great service!

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